I hate when I say that I’m going to do something yet my boyfriends does it first despite me…


I hate the fact that my dad didnt do anything with me when I was younger. And now he’s trying to do everything with me… It’s suffocating.

No Answer

I LoVE the fact that when you need to get a hold of someone about something important. Their phone is dead for days. WYH

Preaching about church

I am getting tired of people coming to my door step preaching about GOD. Especially when I don’t believe in one.

Power goes out

Here I am sitting watching my favorite NBA basketball team in the playoffs and the power goes out. Hence this post from my cell phone. =)

My comfy bed

I hate it when I climb into my comfy bed and I forget to do something.

Clothes all wet!

Ugh. I can’t stand it when my clothes aren’t dry from the dryer before I need to go. Get stuck wearing wet clothes!

Needing a rest room

I hate it when you are out and you need to use the rest room and there is nothing around. You have to hold it in till you find something.

Washing my car

I hate it when I wash my car and the next day birds crap all over it.


I hate when my boyfriend farts and tells me it doesn’t stink and once I smell it I gag… And he laughs…